Field trip off-site construction Estonia

donderdag 24 september 2020

The program for the Field Trip to Estonia is ready. But unfortunately we will have to postpone the Field Trip, when the COVID-19 situation in The Netherlands remains as it is. Currently Estonia has quarantine requirements, because The Netherlands had more than 16 infections per 100.000 inhabitants over the past two weeks (26,5).[1] 

We do not postpone the Field Trip at this point because the COVID-19 situation can change to normal by the end of September. Also, setting a new date is difficult because after this second wave a third wave is probable. Therefore we will decide the first of September whether or not to postpone the Field Trip. In the mean time we will ask the Estonian Government for dispensation for the quarantine requirements.

Check out the program here and let us know if you are interested in joining us, without obligation. We will get in touch September first to let you know whether or not the Field Trip will be postponed.

  • The first eight participants can choose to stay in one of the Koda Stay houses in the harbour of Tallinn.
  • The field trip has a minimum of eight and a maximum of 15 participants.


Field Trip off-site construction Estonia

In February an Estonian delegation of off-site construction companies visited The Netherlands to introduce their wooden houses. These companies build high quality houses rapidly in their factories. Now we organize a field trip to visit factories and realized projects in Estonia. Please save the 24th, 25th and the early morning of the 26th of September to find out what Estonian off-site construction can bring to The Netherlands.


The field trip starts Thursday 8.45 at Schiphol and we will return at Schiphol Saturday at 9.40. The main elements of the program will be visits to two factories, three projects and a presentation of off-site construction companies. Next to that we will get to see some of the architectural highlights of Tallinn and a moment for networking facilitated by the Netherlands Embassy if COVID-19 allows us to do that.

Check out the program here

COVID-19 in Estonia

COVID-19 has had less impact in Estonia than in The Netherlands. On August 11 Estonia had 4,8 deaths per 100.000 inhabitants. The Netherlands had 35,5.[2] This is of course no guarantee for the future. The official information from the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs about COVID-19 is on this website. The site Visit Estonia has some more backgrounds.

It is possible to send a stand-in when you are bound to stay home because of COVID-19, if the conditions of for example of the airline allow this. You are bound to stay home for example if you have symptoms or if you were in a country with more than 16 new infections per 100.000 inhabitants in the past two weeks.




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